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Steam Tax:
Tribute Upgrade Infuser - Fall Season 2015
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Quality: Standard
3D Preview
This consumable item unlocks ambient particle effects on the following items available through Fall Season 2015 Compendium Treasures: Leshrac's Spirethorn, Lina's Dress of the Bewitching Flame, Spectre's Crest and Edge of the Flowering Shade, Tusk's Cannon Punch of the Barrier Rogue, Tidehunter's Aquemerald Blade, Ursa's Claws of the Ferocious Heart, Drow's Algid Legacy, Phantom Assassin's Armor of the Fearful Aria, Shadow Shaman's Shade of the Spiteful Eye, Magnus's Slab of Erupting Wrath, Vengeful Spirit's Blade of Flightless Fury, and Batrider's Queen of the Jack Bomber
Creation Date: 2015-09-21
Price Info
100 Random Common's
18 Random Uncommon's
9 Random Rares
Market Price
Store Price
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