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Dota 2 Tax Calculator
Steam Tax:
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Quality: Standard
ok.- DOTA 2 CUP is SEA+Oceania's LARGEST DOTA 2 Competition with more than SGD $50,000 of cash prize up for grabs. It will feature 2 qualified Singapore teams against 6 invited regional teams. The ok.- DOTA 2 LEAGUE (2014-2015) will be kicking off Season 1 concurrently, and 32 teams will fight for a part of the prize pool. This bundle grants the Battleaxe of the Basilisk Axe Weapon and grants access to view games from ok.-Dota 2 @ GG 2014 league.
Creation Date: 2014-12-18
Price Info
127 Random Common's
22 Random Uncommon's
12 Random Rares
Market Price
Store Price
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